How to inject / upload your m3u playlist in the Smart iptv application?

Have you just got an IPTV subscription and have an Amazon Fire Stick, but you don’t know how to install it?
Don’t worry, because we’ve prepared this tutorial to guide you step by step through to commissioning.

As a first use you will have a 7 day free trial. You have to activate the application to use it for life, it costs 5.49 €.

To learn how to put your m3u link in the Smart iptv application using your MAC address from any browser, it’s easy.

*** NB: It happens that you will encounter problems of sudden loss of playlist or bugs on certain channels (Fail connect, Buffering ..etc) in the Smart IPTV application on your TV or Box, in some cases, you just have to put the link back and everything will work again.

1 – Go to the site :

Follow these steps :::


1-Upload your m3u playlist file into the “File: Choose File” field OR paste the link into the “URL” field if you have an iptv link URL.

Step 2: Delete the old playlist from your TV:

1- at the bottom, enter your MAC address on “Delete playlist” => “MAC” fields:

N.b: This step allows you to reset the Smart IPTV playlist, that is to say delete the file and the m3u URL stored in the application and reset it.

Step 3: Delete the old playlist from your TV:

Enter your MAC address in the “MAC” field

2- On “File” click on “browse” and select the file you downloaded in step 1 and paste your m3u link in the “URL” field (do exactly like the photo above)

N.b: Important: you have to paste the m3u URL in the URL field to have the automatic file update, if you only use the file it is normal that you would have problems on some streams after a certain time, so it is mandatory to put the URL only or URl + file.

3- Click on the “Upload” button

4- Wait a few seconds while the file + m3u URL is loaded, the following message will appear: ”1 File & 1 URL added! Restart the App.

5- Go back to your Smart TV and restart the Smart IPTV application (press Reload (0) or the Restart button), if the channel list does not load automatically, restart the TV and relaunch the application, if you receive a message ”server connection Timeout do not press OK and wait for the complete loading “this can sometimes take up to 60 seconds depending on the speed of your internet connection.

Here We Go 🙂

NB : if you have an LG brand smart TV, change the “STREAM PLAYER TYPE” parameter in the application settings and set it to NC AUTO option instead of WebOS (default).

Tutoriel SMART STB

Here’s how to find your virtual mac address on SMART STB.

NB: for us, this is the best application for SMART TV (EPG, Logo, Poster, and Summary of VOD and TV Series). 7-day trial then activation at 26 € for life on SMART TV.

Once SMART STB is installed open it.
When you get to this screen (below) Immediately press OK
(this is the key in the middle between the directional arrows on the Remote Control).

You will get the screen below, you select “SYSTEM SETTINGS“.

Once on the “System Settings” menu select “DEVICE INFO” (see image below) and there you will see your virtual mac address and the mac address of the TV.
At this stage, please give us these 2 pieces of information so that we can configure your application for you, otherwise please go to the site below to configure it yourself.